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We humans are hardwired to be connected - we want to share things with one another. Now, in the age of social media, we’re sharing more and more. The latest news, some handy advice, a funny story. All it takes is a click and we’ve shared something with the world. These tidbits of information can spread like wildfire, and a small share can have big consequences.

For all it's benefits, social media has become a vehicle for misinformation. Stories are skewed, quotes are misremembered, facts are twisted. Misinformation is disrupting our politics, our economy and our health. With the current pandemic, it can even be deadly. Misinformation is also making it harder to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. The climate emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic, the struggle for racial justice - to find a solution, we need to work together. 


We can’t wait for technology companies, we must all act now to break the chain and stop misinformation from spreading. 

Cleverly designed to hijack our emotions, exploit our biases, play to our weaknesses - misinformation is everywhere. Whether we know it or not, we’ve all shared it, and because it comes from us, the people we share it with believe it. However, there is something we can all do. Pause. The simple act of pausing before you share interrupts our emotional response, it triggers a moment of critical thinking. Together we can take back control. Pause and take care before you share.





We’re committed to sustaining the ‘Pause’ message until the end of the year; reaching millions more people and helping save lives. Take part in this global movement. Show your support with a #PledgetoPause.

Share assets:

  1. Download assets and share. Click the bottom right corner to download assets from this website and share on your channels. 

  2. Create your own assets. We encourage you to make your own content, tailored for your audience. Please find the ‘Pause’ brand guidelines for messaging and visuals.


How to share these assets:




As well as asking organisations to share assets, we’re asking leaders, influencers and individuals to take part in the #PledgetoPause ‘Moving Selfie’.


Take a #PledgetoPause:


  1. Capture a short moving selfie video to demonstrate a ‘pause’.

  2. Pause quietly for approximately 5-10 seconds - you do not have to be frozen but represent the ‘pause’ by sitting fairly still.

  3. Break the pause and then make your #PledgetoPause to camera by reading or adapting this example: I’m taking the Pledge to Pause before I share information online. Because during the Covid-19 pandemic, the wrong information can be deadly. Please join me and stop the spread of misinformation online.


How to share your #PledgetoPause:

Click bottom right corner to download


Click bottom right corner to download


Click bottom right corner to download